Coconuts collaborate with GC Bike Repairs at the cutting edge of Portsmouth’s local business deliveries and cycling culture.  

Coconuts and GC Bike Repairs are rolling up their sleeves to trial an innovative collaboration spanning the local cycling and deliveries sectors. 

Our first ever Co-LAB space – located in part of GC’s Southsea shop – will help establish this new way to move products between local organisations and their customers around the city.

It also perfectly aligns with GC’s mission to keep cyclists on the move, whatever it takes. 

The GC Bike Repairs space in Southsea where our trial CoCoHub concept will slowly find its feet!

The start of this exciting adventure will run across the summer and the rest of 2024 and will include:

  • Supply, store and servicing of our bike fleet
  • Welfare and workspace for our office team
  • Parcel storage space for our customers

Coconuts is all about bringing COmpassion and COmpliance to New Urban Transport Solutions, meaning a service that is:

  • friendlier at the door,
  • reliable as a service, and
  • kinder to our streets.

The COconuts Local Area Base will allow us to start to grow and take care of our transport and team of riders and office staff.

Our streets will be filled with children playing and their grandparents sitting and watching.

To us, that is paradise

We’ll be closely monitoring what works and what doesn’t with this exciting collaboration, to see if and how such an arrangement might be rolled out in the future. 

Delivering paradise. Collaboratively.